Destination: Harrision Hot Springs, BC

The perfect end to our Easter weekend was to take a day tour out of the city to the village of Harrison Hot Springs. It is located in the beautiful Fraser Valley (120km/75mi east) which was almost spot on 90 minutes drive from Vancouver. On arrival we faced a magnificent glacier fed lake, surrounded by mountains and you could almost taste the crisp clean air.

Although this day was planned with activities for our toddler in mind, there are a few attractions that will entice me to return back soon.

There were many foodie farms to visit we saw along the way; artisan cheese-makers, organic coffee roasting sheds, nut producers, herb and edible flower nurseries, and loads more including kitchens that sell home-made fudge, jams and salsas.

One of the main attractions are the springs which we chose to visit at the local pool located at 101 Hotsprings Road. It faces Harrision Lake, so for the cost of $9 per adult (kid’s under  four years are free) you have views while you sit in the healing mineral waters which are world famous. The temperature was approximately 38 degrees C which made for a very relaxing start to the day.

Our next destination was onto Kilby Historic Site which is situated in a small community called Harrision Mills located near the junction of the Harrison and Fraser rivers. They were putting on an Easter egg hunt on their farm which was a perfect setting for all the children to be running around hunting whilst surrounded by bunny rabbits, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and a pony or two! It was like stepping back in time to the early 1900’s as originally the Kilby family started a Jersey dairy farm back in 1912. They do have a “quaint 1920s style” restaurant as they call it there which served a traditional Easter ham lunch, followed by a very good rhubarb and apple pie that was just like ‘granny’s home cooked food’. The place is a BC heritage site on five acres.

Mission accomplished; our two year old tear about was worn out and ready to have a well deserved nap, so on our way we headed back home.

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