eggscersizing off my easter eggs

This Easter was the first active one I’ve had in many years, so I have had a guilt free (well 90% guilt-free) holiday which all began on Good Friday with a hike around Lynn Canyon Park,

It is has a suspension bridge which is 50 metres above the canyon and the power behind the waterfall is immense. Although it was a leisurely hike, it was part of the Baden Powell Trail, which is one of the most well known trails in North Vancouver. We made it to the 30 foot pool which was stunningly beautiful surrounds and the water was a translucent emerald colour and I was tempted to have a swim although the temperature was about 8 degrees!

It’s worth going for a few hours with young children or for the really adventurous a whole day would be worth it to bring a picnic and walk all along the trail. First chocolate easter bunny polished off on trail.

On Saturday, riding around Stanley Park is a must do with or without children in Vancouver anytime…however you will be told by Vancouverites as long as its not in the middle of Summer! The traffic of bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, anything with wheels really builds towards the warmer months, so you need to be prepared to slow down or dismount occasionally, however the scenery around the park and harbour including beaches is guaranteed to get you back on your wheels for more. If this is a little too touristy for some, then some of Vancouver’s greenways might be the way to go. Greenways in Vancouver are linear public corridors for pedestrians and cyclists that connect parks, nature reserves, cultural features, historic sites, neighbourhoods and retail centres. Another easter egg polished off on bike ride.

Vancouver wants to be the greenest city in 2020 and therefore has many goals to achieve which you can read more on the

One of them is to make cycling, walking and transit around the city more desirable and convenient, and given my experience here is not depending on a motor vehicle the City of Vancouver are so far making it really easy for me. They have taken it really seriously that their first target in 2020 is to have over 50% of trips take place by walking, cycling and public transit. Their second is to reduce motor vehicle kilometres traveled per resident by 20% from 2007 levels.

We have joined metro Vancouver’s only car sharing co-op; modo. It’s a no brainer really; lower cost for the times when we really need a car, and lower cars on the road equals lower greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic in the city! They are well maintained cars and you have a wide selection to choose from, depending on where you want to pick one up from across the city’s modo network. We picked up a red mini recently to zip around the beaches in Kitsilano, west side.


Next stop for Easter weekend is a day trip out to Harrison Hot Springs in a modo!

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