Born in Sydney, Australia I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2012 with my family; husband and two year old son for an adventure and new experiences. I never thought I would commence a blog, but here I am, so inspired by this city that I want to record my life’s journey here. As a personal goal I also want to bring more positive change in my life when it comes to the environment and living more green.

Canada is a forward thinking country when it comes to the environment and it is a great place to start and begin making a difference. Vancouver has had a profound effect on my family’s lifestyle, health and carbon footprint.

I am passionate about food and like to nurture family and friends with the recipes I love. After working for food magazines for many years, my favourite being ‘delicious. magazine’ (Australian edition), I cannot help but include some of my own creations and some of my best loved recipes from a treasured collection along the way.  I enjoy travel and adventure and want to share my experiences with those I care about as well as anyone else who they might bring a smile too.


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