Turning over a new leaf…

I’m back, and it’s been a long year or so since leaving Vancouver, Canada. Over that time, we also welcomed the arrival of baby number two, and my energy levels plummeted quite a bit hence the absence of writing.

The desire for more energy, more balance in my life has driven me to re-start, re-design and re-write my blog and this time it will be more about living well and living green. My broad definition is to be healthy and happy by making the right lifestyle choices. By lifestyle choices I mean; sourcing the most nutritious food I can buy within my budget, (to justify enjoying some treats here and there), increasing my daily exercise, reducing the chemical exposure to my family and I as well as being conscious to minimize the waste and damage we cause to the beautiful environment that surrounds us. The inspiration started in Canada to pay more attention to how much we re-use, re-cycle, reduce and we have adopted it within our family for the long-term.

We moved to the country, a once quaint town called Orange now one of the fastest growing regional areas in New South Wales’s central west with a population of around 40,000.
This town has many glorious characteristics; named the colour city undoubtedly due to the explosion of colour across the four seasons, many boutique food and wine producers, good schools, top hospital care and also happens to be home to the largest gold mine in the southern hemisphere.

The city reflects the modern dilemma; how to balance consumption with sustainable growth … how all of our choices have consequences to both our health and our environment. We are populating at a rate that the demand on the earth’s resources is resulting in more wastage and pollution…daily. For me, sustainability also refers to blending greener choices into everyday living; consuming less food, less of everything in order to leave a smaller footprint.

Part of our decision to move was wanting our children to have what we had during our childhood years; lots of room to run around and a slower paced lifestyle to stop and smell the roses.

With so many local hard-working farmers and producers around me in the country, I am passionate about supporting them as much as possible and enjoying the delights they bring to our family table.

So getting back to the living green part…with a focus on what we’re eating, how we are living; how sustainable we are, my journey that I share with you will be working on a formula for doing just that in the simplest and affordable way possible.

I constantly see diets promoted for health, longevity, losing weight, energy like raw food, gluten-free, dairy free, more grains, more protein, less carbs, more fat, less fat, natural sweeteners, no sugar and the list goes on and on and on…this blog isn’t that. It’s a mix, as some foods that agree with some people don’t agree with others. My recipes will be tagged where appropriate as gluten-free and/or dairy free for those with specific allergies.

The only adage I can rely on is ‘moderation’; living within reasonable limits. Moderation is the key to wholesome, healthy eating that is also fun for your children and family. Putting my actions down in writing make me more aware, more conscious and more accountable.

With this in mind, my goal is to create recipes that include enough green to make us feel good, a few clean lifestyle changes that all the family can be involved in, as well as all the other good wholesome food that is enjoyable too.

Stay tuned for my upcoming comfort recipe for the week as I prepare for the colder weather setting in.

My new blog address is http://www.greenskisgo.com if you would like to keep following the stories and recipes I share moving forward.

Thank you.