Sunday sunshine + coffee = a smile on my face

We are loving Vancouver. People are friendly, the city is beautiful (as I have mentioned previously), homeowners take pride in the appearance and state of their homes, there are lots of activities to participate in for children and adults, and living here has had a profound effect on our health and fitness levels.

The truth is, we did not journey all this way for the weather specifically and every Vancouverite keeps telling us that this (coincidentally the year we are here), happens to be the coldest and well…the wettest on record for a while.

So after our wet adventure last night and the not so sure sky above, we did step out this morning prepared with rain jackets to go for a leisurely Sunday walk. Just as we hit the street, the sun appeared! I have taken some pictures of homes around the Mount Pleasant area for you to all get a feel for the house proud nature of the neighbourhoods.

So when the sunshine shows its bright glowing face, it is a time to rejoice and appreciate how this place can be even more gorgeous and amazing – and just a tip for those who have not travelled or lived here, you need to seize the moment immediately because it can change within minutes!

However the people of Vancouver, BC and beyond are tougher, more outgoing and positive I think when it comes to the weather, as rain, hail, wind, snow or shine they will go out anyway and have some fun.

We spotted the newly opened 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters cafe (their second cafe location), 2902 Main Street last weekend at the car free festival. I thought what better way to ease into our day than a cup of possibly the best roasted beans in the city. The place has a really cool industrial fit out, my husband and I particularly loved the garage style doors that … and exposed beams.

It was too tempting not to order something sweet to complement the coffee as a window of Lucky’s Doughnuts was staring me down at the counter. We ordered our standard cafe lattes, a mango square doughnut and almond pistachio croissant.

Followed by some park time in the sun, here I was, sitting and smiling with my family on a sunny Sunday.


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