My hale and hearty kale super summer recipes – Part 2

3. Recovery kale summer salad two ways (serves 4-6). This salad is designed to be either a wholesome side dish or meal on its own…its entirely up to you. It presents well with popping colour and therefore is a good choice for those summer barbecues with family and friends. Summertime for me means lots of fresh delicious food, most often in their raw form. Some of my favourite foods to use in salads when the warmer months arrive are macadamias (first discovered in Australia), mango and of course lots of greens!  This salad has a touch of home/Australia and a little Canadian maple syrup in it, but mostly is a superb energy booster and even more power packed if you include the addition of a barbecued protein like fish, chicken or steak. With kale being the hero, either way this salad makes you feel really good…  especially if you’ve had a particularly long draining week; with children or at work!

I felt this recipe needed a page of is own with all is wonderful goodness and I’ll start by explaining the ‘two ways’ to make this salad to your taste.

Terra Way – For barbecued poultry or red meat, I prefer my pine nuts and potato balls option. An example of this is pictured below.

Oceania Way – For barbecued fish like tuna or a firm white fish, I prefer mango and macadamias.

Ingredients – Base salad

1 bunch of kale

1 cup of quinoa

2 1/4 cups of water

1 capsicum finely sliced strips cut in half

6 shallots (finely sliced)

1-2 teaspoons of lemon thyme

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

5-6 tablespoons of extra virgin fruity olive oil (cold-pressed)

salt and black pepper

1. Wash the kale as per my tip in my kale recipes part 1. Chiffonade all washed leaves (fine strips or ribbons by rolling up), and put aside in a large bowl.
2. Bring the two cups of water to the boil in a medium saucepan. Meanwhile, rinse the cup of quinoa in a fine mesh colander. Place into boiling water and turn heat down to medium with lid on top. Cook for 12-15 minutes until cooked and transparent and let cool.
3. For the dressing, mix the maple syrup, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar with a whisk in a small bowl. Gradually whisk in olive oil to thicken and add the shallots and lemon thyme. Season to taste with salt and black pepper.
4. Mix dressing through the kale and then toss capsicum and quinoa in there.
Option – Macadamia and Mango
2 mangoes, peeled and cubed
1 cup raw unsalted macadamia nuts, crushed
Gently toss through salad and serve.
Option – Pine nuts and potato balls
I was inspired by Valli Little the Food Editor I used to work with on delicious. magazine who  produced these hot fried mozzarella balls in a salad a few years ago. I don’t want too much cheese in my salad, but still want a creamy addition so here is my addition.
3/4 cup pine nuts
2 cups cold mashed potatoes
1 egg, lightly beaten
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup breadcrumbs
2 tablespoons grape seed oil for frying
1. Place mashed potatoes in a large bowl and ensure they are room temperature when ready to work with them (approximately 20 mins).
2. Mix the egg, cheese and potato together and shape into small balls. Roll in breadcrumbs to coat them fully.
3. In a wok or deep-frying pan, heat oil at high temperature and then fry a few balls at a time for three or four minutes until golden brown.
4. Handle carefully and place on paper towel to drain.
5. Gently place balls and sprinkle pine nuts on salad and serve.
I really hope you love this as much as I do, but the sky is the limit with the substitutes you can use in the salad to give it that summer kick. Think avocados, almonds, apple and more to create your own – Enjoy!

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