I’m calling it the Vancouver diet…

as we have only arrived a little over ten weeks ago, I wanted to share an exciting discovery with you…I fit back into my ‘Nudies’ – Yay! These were, or should I say still are my favourite jeans which were given to me as a present by my husband just prior to falling pregnant. Needless to say, its been almost three and half years and I am finally reacquainting myself with them again. They have travelled around with me ever since; three house moves later and I was almost ready to give my denim friend a burial service and lay them to rest.

All the outdoor activities, scenic landscape and green living are certainly reasons why I am loving Vancouver, however this is a benchmark to demonstrate the difference its making in more ways than just feeling better!

Yes, it is a triumphant day and I will celebrate by enjoying some of my favourite chocolate.

If my Mother is reading this now, she might be rolling her eyes with a wry smile knowing very well I don’t have the greatest self-discipline when it comes to chocolate…especially Lindt or Green & Black’s. My Mother has always shared the adage with me “everything in moderation”. Okay, so I’ve already had a square or two prior to writing this but I must note to my Mother in the Southern hemisphere that I have the three-thirty-itis right now!

I am also enjoying a creamy coffee and what its missing is Lindt flakes which I can’t locate anywhere in Vancouver. My Mum will also know that item is going to be on my wish list for when she comes to visit as it was ‘she’ who bred my addiction by adding it to the top of our cappuccinos in the morning.

So, I created the closest I could by finely chopping up a Lindt milk chocolate square to make flakes.

Even if my jeans are feeling a little taut, I will sip my coffee with a sweet smile on my face.


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